Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trauma Queen learns to say please.


Yesterday I clicked on the wrong button and lost the blog. I am so busy that I had to control my emotions and let it go.

For the last 40 years Bob has tried to teach me to say please. Yesterday I decided to brave it and go play with the girls by myself. I took sidewalk chalk and sat down in the shade. I wanted to model a drawing for them and had to work hard to get them to move back and give me some space. I looked up and there was a tree full of coconuts so I dove into capturing the coco. When it was their turn I made it into a game of colors, manners, English.

“Green please"
"Thank you”
“You’re welcome”

Try saying that 200 times and it sinks in. The girls smiled each time and even gave a little bow. They created butterflies and flowers all over the place. Success!

We have staff meetings at night and talk about the ten commandments of discipline (no hitting), health, bedtime rituals, nutrition. The staff has been through so much stress, and now they are gelling as a loving team. They are thankful for the guidance. The Mommies each told us that they love their jobs, love the girls and they are grateful for the opportunity to learn how to love and care for their own future children. The beauty trickles down, trickles up, trickles out and Haiti will have healing.

Love Lynn, Hadley, Jay and Nancy

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