Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rivers of Tears

3-25-11 Written on the plane to San Francisco

Up until 1 in the morning organizing, then up at 5:30 to get ready to leave for the airport.

Nancy went to social services for 6 hours. They never made it inside the building and did all of their business outside in the courtyard and on a side street. It was interesting to watch the process of negotiation, it resembled bargaining for prices in the market. They talked, gestured, and got emotional working out a problem. All this done in the presence of our lawyer to make it legally binding, even though no papers were signed.

We did a photo project with the girls. Each girl made her own pages. Now they have a family album to spend hours pouring over.

I started physical exams and got through 3, before we took the girls off to the first play date of their lives. The kids were shy for 2 minutes and then they were a family. As Nancy says, Marie and Yves have the “little fellas” (boys!). Marie has asked us to join forces with her.

Everyone (Deborah, Hearthstone Board, my husband Bob, Charlucie, etc........) are going to react when they find out that we have fallen in love with 17 new little boys and girls who need our love and support. Brace yourselves, and blame Hadley and Nancy too, because all three of us are cooking up something (we can’t help it). I am trying to stay calm and thoughtful, but try meeting those beautiful children and their loving new Mother and Father and say no when they tell you they need help. They are a block away from our girls and both Marie and Lucie had a vision to start with 35 children. We have 18 and Marie has 17 and that equals 35. You have to be careful what you pray for. Lucie is the Queen Mother of RMOF, I shared this with her and she is going to go in to deep prayer about this so stay tuned, and please pray too.

We had the most incredible puberty talk of my life with 10 of our older girls. Hadley lead the class with Jean Wesley as the interpreter. Teaching them that their bodies belong to them, that they have the choice do anything they want with their lives (they came up with the example of Obama!), that education, marriage, sex and babies come in that order. I committed to them for as long as I live and promised if they work hard we will help them go to university. Jean is a gifted teacher, kind and gentle man. I wish I would have had a man like him to tell me about such personal matters. At the end of the class he had the girls stand up and sing to us; Lord, I give you my Heart. It was an emotional moment as we guided our daughters toward womanhood in a most beautiful manner.

Saying goodbye was heart wrenching. A sea of little girls in my arms with so many tears. Wisland sobbing with her hand over her face and two gushing rivers of tears running down her cheeks. I had them sing to me, "I give you my heart", as I blew them kisses and backed away. I love you, I love you, I love you.

Help us for we are changed. Love Lynn, Hadley, and Nancy

First Picture: Yves and Marie with their babies, Nancy to the right. Second Picture: New friends playing at Marie's Village, their first play date. Third Picture: Nancy and I voted Hadley the most photogenic, at the beach with her babies. Fourth Picture: Finally there are some new houses built for people living in tents!

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