Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We are going to Build!!!

The first day I was back at work I cruised through the ER and one of my nurse friends said, “Thank God you are here, we had no idea if you were caught in a hurricane and could not get out of Haiti”. Little did I know that my blog is like a soap opera and I left my followers hanging. The storm lasted about 4 hours and that was it. The next day we drove to the airport before the traffic, the streets were so clean I was amazed. I thought someone finally came and picked up the trash, then Asha pointed out that the rain had just washed it down hill to who knows where.

The night before we left Haiti there was no power so we were packing in the dark. At one point the curious girls are crammed into a ball at our door watching everything we do. Wanting to help in any way they could. At one point they burst into song and I snapped their picture.

There has been a shift in the group attitude of our girls. It is so typical for 12 year old children to change and begin to see themselves as individuals separate from their parents, (teen age angst). Well it can become a mob rule kind of attitude if you have 20 girls living together. The girls sometimes refuse to participate in singing, dancing and group activities. The younger ones follow their example. Our work is going to get harder, we have come just in time to help our lovely children through their transformation to womanhood (HELP!).

Santania and her sister Pierrelande have only been with us for a few months. They have had a very hard life. We had a birthday celebration for Santania, the first time in her 9 years that she has been honored. She sat there in frozen awe. She could not speak or move, a slight grin and otherwise a statue. Wislande broke the ice by getting up to sing her heart out for Santania and the girls joined in.

We are buying the land. The most beautiful land in Haiti, at least to me. We now have an official building fund and I am reaching out to raise $30,000 as soon as possible so we can finalize the purchase. We have to come up with the down payment of $10,000 this week. God help us pace ourselves and see this village built for the girls. Sustainable, affordable, safe, with housing for the staff and a place for our future boys. We are hoping for 30 people (or groups) to donate $1000 each. Of course any amount will be great. The checks will be written to RMOF (Reveil Matinal Orphanage Foundation) and be placed in the separate building fund account. Thank you, Thank you for your support and for reaching out to your communities to find new supporters. Please help us make a lasting difference for children in Haiti. Mail Checks to: RMOF Building Fund c/o Charlucie Jaboin, 131-15 241 St., Rosedale NY 11422.

Remember that we also have teams going to Haiti every month. If you go, brace yourself for an experience that will, “change your life forever... for the better”, a quote from Laura Wedderburn after her first trip to volunteer in Haiti. We need teachers, construction workers, health and social workers, musicians, gardeners, artists, cooks............ we are going to build!!!!!

We have our biggest benefit of the year coming up on October 2. Come celebrate!

Pictures: Girls serenading us as we pack, Santania's first birthday party, Our land!, Asha at the entrance to our land, Taste of Autumn

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Colors that Heal the Soul


Could not make it to the internet cafe today. First there was deafening thunder and lightening, then the girls started pulling the washed underwear off the line, then the deluge. Heavy wind, then dark sky, then light moisture, then fire hose. I was standing next to my open window loving the cool breeze, so happy and for the fresh air and respite from the heat, thinking: la la la this is fabulous.

It just so happened we were between translators so we were clueless. Eddy and one of the Mommies come streaming into our room, grabbing towels, plastic, mops, and buckets. We are kind of impressed that they are so active all of a sudden, then the water starts pouring under our door and we get it. We threw all or our beds and stuff into a corner and they took over while we were plastered against the wall. Then the power went out.

With no translator or knowledge of the news (such as hurricane warnings), we started to wonder if we were going to make to the airport the next morning at 5 am. It was getting dark and Jean was already 3 hours late. Do the Tap Taps run during hurricanes? Do they close the airport? No one to ask.

Bob decided to put on his bathing suit and go outside and take his shower, soap and all. The girls found this very entertaining, Bob said it was, “refreshing”.

Since we buy all of the water, Eddy and the Mommies put out every container they had to catch the rain, enough to do several days of laundry.

Luckily Niv bought us solar lights and Randy Tollefson donated a set of battery powered tools which included a great light so we spent the evening around the lights, meeting with the girls. Asha gave a talk outlining the proper disposal of trash, (not out the window of the bus) and how our girls are the hope for Haiti in the example they set. I talked about the new bookshelf Bob made for them to have free access to the most beautiful books in Haiti, but they must love and take care of them. Up until now they have been known to tear, throw and write in them.

Before the storm we had quite the productive day: thank you notes, organizing the medications in to the safe lockable cabinet, journal writing wearing the new RMOF School Uniform T-shirts, oragami.

My favorite activity was another dream come true, water color painting. I gave the girls a lesson in wet on wet painting and mixing those beautiful healing colors on their paper. It was a real workout teaching 6 girls at a time, but we did it. Woo hoo

Pictures: Kevly's first water color painting, Painting Class, Underwear washing day, New uniforms, New Book Shelf

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I hope this will be our new home.

TQ 9-3-11

Today we looked at property for sale in the “country”, 30 minutes from the airport. Haiti is a land of walled compounds, each is a world of it’s own. That is one way people stay safe here. Outside the walls is a chaotic public mess, inside orderly and private.

Driving anywhere is exhausting, the roads are horrendous and the traffic is unrelenting. We went down one dirt road with a power pole leaning across it with wires dangling here and there, we made it under without touching a wire by a few inches.

As we wound further away from the crowd the land became lush, the walled compounds bigger. We passed the huge “Food For the Poor” orphanage for disabled children, with its armed guard studded tower. Eventually we made into a cul de sac on a grassy road where no one has driven for a long time. At the end we came to an over grown 10,000 square meter walled property that is for sale. For the Pollyanna in me it was love at first sight. The water table permits you to have your own water from a well. There are no close neighbors, just empty walled lots in various levels of decay with palm trees and that lush jungle feeling. I so hope it will be our new home.

We could grow food there and it would be quiet with clean air and open space. But... the first thing that Wisler and Eddy pointed out is that we would need a guard at night to protect us since there is no one around to help us if there is a problem. We would need a car because there is no tap tap service in the “country”.

We looked at a giant fancy mansion that is for sale, closer to civilization so we would not need a guard at night, but no land to grow food, just a huge house on a small lot. I was wondering who built that house and could I trust them to use the right amount of cement and rebar. I decided that I would rather build our own home for the girls and be able to sleep at night feeling the girls would be safe in an earthquake.

I have to talk to Lucie and see what she says. If it is a go we will buy the land as soon as possible and then you will be hearing all about it!!!

Today was Saturday the Sabbath, the girls were dressed in their best by 8 am for a special picture and off they went on foot to the Adventist Church. Mama Gina and her baby ducklings. After church she leaves for her days off and by this evening I could feel her loss with the lack of grounding. The girls were running wild and making so much noise tonight I felt overwhelmed. We brought them back to center with singing and a celebration of 2 more birthdays, Wisler and Rolanta, it was a crack up.

The water truck came and delivered water to the cistern for all of our showers, remember there is no infrastructure in Haiti. It is every man, woman, and child for themselves..

Pictures: Dressed for Church with dental kits from Dr.Powell, Bob built a new bunk bed, Guard tower entrance to Food For the Poor Orphanage, Celebration to Honor Rolanta and Wisler. Sorry the pictures of the land failed, I am hoping for a video, and sorry if you got the accidental posting of this blog without the pictures. Love Lynn

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Not for the Faint of Heart


THANK YOU GOD, (the name of our trusty bus) took us to the beach again today. This time Jean Wesley was our guide and was excited to take us to a “really nice beach” he heard about. We had to wind through the non streets of Haiti for almost 2 hours, in the last 20 minutes 3 girls got car sick, I have been trying to decide what word to use to describe it, puke, barf, vomit... Asha says use them all it was “so disgusting”.

Actually I had to keep looking forward so I just passed the baby wipes from my purse back to Mama Gina who remained cool, calm, and in charge. In the most loving way she held the girls, gave them a bag and started cleaning everyone, (including herself) and everything up. Wow I love that woman she really proved herself today.

We paid the guy at the gate and were allowed in. Bob says, “It was the first beach I have been to that there is no sandy part, but a wall holding the water back and you enter down stairs”. The water was a clear translucent green, calm, shallow and warm. We were doing great until this group of 30 guys came in being bossed around by a kid with a blaring megaphone. They were dressed like “gangstas” and I was shocked when I noticed their style was to wear their pants below their butt cheeks, with underwear above with some crack action above that. They think that is attractive?????

By that time we were getting pretty laid back, the girls were jumping like fish, and some us adults were spread out under the trees and palapa. All at the same time, Eddie, Mama Gina, the Mammies, Jean and I moved in to surround our girls. I decided to stand at the top of the stairs and express some mama bear body language, I put my hands on my hips and stared them down. They did not know what to do. After about 20 minutes they slowly made their way into the water and had their own fun away from our babies.

Our girls had a great time. They want to learn to swim and were putting their faces in the water, floating on their backs for hours. Thanks to Juanita Joy hitting all of the thrift stores for girls bathing suits, they were the most colorful group of swimmers you ever saw. We played cards, ate popcorn and home made cookies sent by Sandra. Oh yea and in this beach paradise the management had giant speakers blasting the loudest rappy music you ever heard, the gangstas were having a blast playing air instruments, dancing and singing along. A real cultural experience.

No problems making the trek back, just a bus full of sleeping angels. I would like all of our potential volunteers to read this story so they can think long and hard if they have the stomach (ha ha) for this service, you have to be able keep the faith and remain positive when you are tired, hot and wondering how you got yourself into this.

PS We found the most beautiful land today and I think we can afford it. More tomorrow, pray for this to be the home we have been searching for.

Pictures: Girls saying Grace for their morning meal, On the steps at the beach, Birthday celebration for Doriane and Momma Michiella, Santania sleeping on THANK YOU GOD

Friday, September 2, 2011

Taking Care of Each Other


We had a staff meeting tonight and heard about the pressure Eddy feels administering scant money to provide for 27 people every day (20 girls and seven staff). Sometimes he has to choose between food and drinking water. Asha and I know that we come from a different world and struggle to find the middle ground that is sustainable and correct. I am going to promise to find the funding to guarantee drinking water. It is hot and humid here we drink all day and are always thirsty.

We talked about our common love of the girls and focus of caring for them, they made the point that we have to care for our staff too. They work hard, they have dreams and hopes, but how can they move forward in Haiti?

Today I played crazy eights and Asha played crazy with pipe cleaners. Jean arranged the bus for 7:30 am tomorrow when we will go off the beach. Eddy and Wisler made the arrangements for us to look at 2 properties on Saturday. A piece of land and a house, both possibilities for our permanent home.

Bob is building a bunk bed and he put up a medicine cabinet. As you can see in the pictures he has plenty of workers on his crew and the social services had reason to complain that the existing medicine storage is unsafe (no kidding). Asha and I took to organizing the first aid supplies and medication.

Two of our three air mattresses deflated during the night and Bob ended up on the cement floor. We have to come up with a new system.

Last night Asha said she was so glad to be here and not working at the hospital. Now that we have worked and sweated all day she may be missing our nice air-conditioned hospital,

But then again we will be aching to feel those smooth little fingers that are constantly surprising us as they slip into our hands from behind.

Pictures: Bob and he medicine cabinet, Fritzchina and Kerwine aprentice carpenters, Mommy Gina teaching Marceline to crochet, Doriane, Mamma Lynn and Kentyna goofing around

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trauma Queen Returns

August 31, 2011

Sitting here enjoying the breeze and the lightening. I am back on my balcony overlooking the night sky in Haiti. The house has just been transformed from a buzzing bee hive to a slumbering giant. My husband Bob the contractor, and Asha the non doctor (no medical only kids this trip) are crashed on our air mattresses inside. I feel like a new woman after my bucket shower.

Today is Fritzchinas real birthday and we had our traditional cape and crown ceremony this evening. We started this tradition to honor the girls birthdays and of course it has spread to the staff who are equally hungry and deserving to be honored and doted on one day per year. Everyone saves up their birthdays for the times our teams come so we will be doing a celebration every night. The very special guest today was Fritzchina’s mother who had made a promise to come on her birthday, she brought a cake. It is very rare for our girls to be visited, most have never seen one relative in the seven years they have lived here.

We have 2 new beautiful girls, sisters ages 4 and 8 who have adjusted very well to their new home. They have never been to school and cannot read and write. Today we were making name tags to help us get everybody straight. Santania did not know how to write her name, I wrote it for her to copy. She made a beautiful name tag, and another and another. She was thrilled to be writing her name. That is my idea of fun.

For party favors we passed out the sparkling fragrant lavender wands made by a group of loving friends in mendocino county. There was enough for everyone. I told them how lavender is aroma therapy and can help you find peace when you are anxious or worried. They listened and then started using them for weapons.

Bob went right to work repairing the girls beds and already ran out of the screws and nails he brought. He had lots of helpers with the hammer and he said they could not get enough of the electric screwdriver.

Our new director is Mama Gina. She is a real mother type, My soul is at peace watching her and knowing that she is living here holding her wings around our girls. So many things have improved in the the last year, it is incredible.

Thank you and love to all of our supporters, these girls are thriving because of you.

More tomorrow

Lynn, Asha, and Bob

Pictures: Fritzchina"s Special Day, Asha and the girls with the new books, Lavender Wands.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Saved by a Ball

April 11, 2011

Emily Frey is a board member of Hearthstone Village. She bought our girls a “One World Futbol”. In March we brought the “all-terrain, ultra-durable” blue ball to Haiti and the rest is history.

Our 18 girls live in a small compound, which is 99% cement. There is no car and they rarely leave. They home school in the morning and run around stir crazy in the afternoon. Every month our team takes new soccer balls to Haiti. Every month we return and there are no balls. I finally figured out why. The balls last a day or two and then they are flat, dead, gone to the trash.

I thought air was the ball problem so I bought a solid ball to take along with the One World Futbol. We took the girls to the beach for the first time in their lives. We took the two balls and the girls had a wonderful time. Unfortunately the solid ball disintegrated from the salt water. The blue Futbol was not phased.

Every day the girls play with the ball, they sit on it, and abuse it. When we went to Marie’s Village for our first play date we brought jump ropes and the blue ball. Marie’s 17 children have only lived at her orphanage for 3 months. Some look at the ground when you introduce yourself. Shy, withdrawn, not able to read because they have never been to school. They are adjusting to a new life where there is food every day, and a new family.

Marie’s boys ended up kicking that ball the whole time we were there. A joy to behold.

Haiti needs more One World Futbols. You can help by joining our Hearthstone Ball Drive!

Our non profit Hearthstone Village has received an offer from our friends at the One World Futbol Project, the organization that produces the world’s most durable ball. These balls cannot pop or deflate, even when punctured by glass, barbed wire, or other sharp objects, and they never need a pump. The One World Futbol was designed to perform for years in all kinds of environments, from beaches and backyards to places like refugee camps, urban neighborhoods, and war zones.

From now until May 15th, please go to the One World Futbol web-site ( and purchase under any of the “Give One Get One”, donation of ball options. When you check out, under the order summary, respond to the question “Have a Coupon Code?” by entering HEARTHSTONE in the box, and clicking “apply code,” and the number of balls for which you selected a “give” option will be allocated for donation to Hearthstone Village. For every sale, One World Futbol will also donate $5.00 to Hearthstone! You will know that the code has been accepted because there will be a $1 discount applied to each order.

You will love your ball and we promise to distribute the donated balls to orphanages in Haiti. Trust me, with these balls we can save children, bring them hope, and joy.

Thanks and Love Lynn

P.S. We have a team in Haiti this week Linda and Adrienne, two RNs from our hospital. They had a successful “continental breakfast” at Marie’s Village, the second play date of the girl's lives. Marie is going to take Linda to look at land, as RMOF searches for the place to build their permanent home. Linda says she is so exhausted by 3 pm she has not had time to write for the blog.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rivers of Tears

3-25-11 Written on the plane to San Francisco

Up until 1 in the morning organizing, then up at 5:30 to get ready to leave for the airport.

Nancy went to social services for 6 hours. They never made it inside the building and did all of their business outside in the courtyard and on a side street. It was interesting to watch the process of negotiation, it resembled bargaining for prices in the market. They talked, gestured, and got emotional working out a problem. All this done in the presence of our lawyer to make it legally binding, even though no papers were signed.

We did a photo project with the girls. Each girl made her own pages. Now they have a family album to spend hours pouring over.

I started physical exams and got through 3, before we took the girls off to the first play date of their lives. The kids were shy for 2 minutes and then they were a family. As Nancy says, Marie and Yves have the “little fellas” (boys!). Marie has asked us to join forces with her.

Everyone (Deborah, Hearthstone Board, my husband Bob, Charlucie, etc........) are going to react when they find out that we have fallen in love with 17 new little boys and girls who need our love and support. Brace yourselves, and blame Hadley and Nancy too, because all three of us are cooking up something (we can’t help it). I am trying to stay calm and thoughtful, but try meeting those beautiful children and their loving new Mother and Father and say no when they tell you they need help. They are a block away from our girls and both Marie and Lucie had a vision to start with 35 children. We have 18 and Marie has 17 and that equals 35. You have to be careful what you pray for. Lucie is the Queen Mother of RMOF, I shared this with her and she is going to go in to deep prayer about this so stay tuned, and please pray too.

We had the most incredible puberty talk of my life with 10 of our older girls. Hadley lead the class with Jean Wesley as the interpreter. Teaching them that their bodies belong to them, that they have the choice do anything they want with their lives (they came up with the example of Obama!), that education, marriage, sex and babies come in that order. I committed to them for as long as I live and promised if they work hard we will help them go to university. Jean is a gifted teacher, kind and gentle man. I wish I would have had a man like him to tell me about such personal matters. At the end of the class he had the girls stand up and sing to us; Lord, I give you my Heart. It was an emotional moment as we guided our daughters toward womanhood in a most beautiful manner.

Saying goodbye was heart wrenching. A sea of little girls in my arms with so many tears. Wisland sobbing with her hand over her face and two gushing rivers of tears running down her cheeks. I had them sing to me, "I give you my heart", as I blew them kisses and backed away. I love you, I love you, I love you.

Help us for we are changed. Love Lynn, Hadley, and Nancy

First Picture: Yves and Marie with their babies, Nancy to the right. Second Picture: New friends playing at Marie's Village, their first play date. Third Picture: Nancy and I voted Hadley the most photogenic, at the beach with her babies. Fourth Picture: Finally there are some new houses built for people living in tents!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nirvana at the Beach


Imagine taking 18 beautiful girls to the beach for the first time in their life. We hired a bus and as we rode their eyes were glued to the windows seeing their country bustle through the ruins. We passed the crumbled Presidential Palace and they began to know their history.

We bounced along for 2 hours and finally made our way down a country road (loudly scraping the bottom of the bus) to our sandy protected beach. Shallow and calm, they made their way into the water with apprehension and a tight hold on our hands. Gradually they gained their sea legs and took off. Oh my goodness it was a churning, jumping, splashing, pod of dolphins in their element. They sang to us as they swam. Joy Joy Joy. I was smiling so much my face hurt.

It does not get better than that. Once again I could feel my heart vibrating and expanding in my chest. Thank you, Thank you for the priveledge of serving you.

We visited Marie at the orphanage next to the internet cafe, she has been there 2 months and has 17 boys and girls. Her dream was to start an orphanage, another soul mate for us. Today we have a play date there, another first for our girls to have friends. We will walk down to their house after the midday meal and bring our balls and jump ropes.

Rome was not built in a day. Today I will give all of the girls a physical exam, do watercolor painting with them, look at land to build on, do a photo project, have a staff meeting, and send you this blog. Some projects will have to wait as we return to the United States tomorrow.

Sometimes it is hard to explain what it is about Haiti. Why we have so much love for this country and all want to come back. It is dirty, stinky, crumbled and poor. I know the answer. It is the people. The gratitude, the singing, the smiles. It has been said that anyone who lives to adulthood in Haiti has good genes. That would explain why Haitian people are so handsome (especially the men!).

It looks like Ms. Jackson has let us down as she does not call us or meet with us. We have already moved on to look for land to buy. We must build our own orphanage where the girls have some soil to grow food and run free.

Love Love Love Lynn

First Picture: The hungry birdies chowing down after a long day at the beach.

Trauma Queen learns to say please.


Yesterday I clicked on the wrong button and lost the blog. I am so busy that I had to control my emotions and let it go.

For the last 40 years Bob has tried to teach me to say please. Yesterday I decided to brave it and go play with the girls by myself. I took sidewalk chalk and sat down in the shade. I wanted to model a drawing for them and had to work hard to get them to move back and give me some space. I looked up and there was a tree full of coconuts so I dove into capturing the coco. When it was their turn I made it into a game of colors, manners, English.

“Green please"
"Thank you”
“You’re welcome”

Try saying that 200 times and it sinks in. The girls smiled each time and even gave a little bow. They created butterflies and flowers all over the place. Success!

We have staff meetings at night and talk about the ten commandments of discipline (no hitting), health, bedtime rituals, nutrition. The staff has been through so much stress, and now they are gelling as a loving team. They are thankful for the guidance. The Mommies each told us that they love their jobs, love the girls and they are grateful for the opportunity to learn how to love and care for their own future children. The beauty trickles down, trickles up, trickles out and Haiti will have healing.

Love Lynn, Hadley, Jay and Nancy

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The future of Haiti is in our girls' hands.


Sitting on my private balcony again, refreshed from my bucket shower. Not quite so cool this night. Smokey air, I guess it is the coal fires they use for cooking. We are in a tight neighborhood, all homes are gated with high walls enclosing the compounds. Somebody near by has dogs that fight real bad once or twice a day and it is blood curdling.

We walked to the internet cafe with three of our girls. It is our plan to take small groups of girls with us as much as we can. The girls need to get out to the world to learn how to operate. Tomorrow the Mamies will take 2 girls shopping for food, then we are renting a bus to carry us all to the beach!

It is challenging to have 18 daughters between the ages of 7 and 11. They out number us and get so excited when we present a project; it is like a stampede. We played ball jump rope, bubbles, journaling, painting, cards, singing.......... We retire to our room to take a breather and plan the next activity.

We are trying every learning trick to call them by their names. The Mamies redid their hairdoos today and changed the styles. I was counting top notches for identification and now I am back to the start.

Their personalities are coming through, Fritzchina the translator who understands our English, Yvertha, the shy one who stays to herself, Guerlande who ran to get me the first aid supplies and wants to be a nurse, Dorianne and Kevly who love to write, on and on. They write us love letters and kiss and hug us all day long.

They ask me if I know Jutta, Laura, Marilynn, Leanna, Becky, Chris, Shauna, Jack. Yes these are all my wonderful friends who have come to serve the girls and work to keep them safe and healthy. We are showering them with our love but I wonder today what it must be like to love someone so deeply for a week or two and then loose them.

Will they be resilient, will they thrive and be able to save Haiti? Will they be able to form deep bonds? How can we help them through puberty and beyond into adulthood????

We had time today to go on an outing to buy art. Hadley encountered an emaciated young boy who was begging for money. He lifted his shirt and showed her his chest, caved in with a big belly sticking out. She gave him a few dollars and is resting easier right now knowing that he had the money to buy some food.

Lucie is the president of the Reveil Matinal Orphanage Foundation and the Queen mother of this orphanage. She sent her husband Jay to be our man and he is doing a great job!

I have yet to meet the allusive Ms. Jackson, maybe tomorrow.
Love to all Lynn

First picture: Yvertha, Hadley, Chineca, Fritzchina in the light of God. Second picture: the city is still in ruins and the tent cities abound. Third picture: the Mamies love their scrubs: Daphne, Jay, Michaella, Daniella, and Cassandra.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Trauma Queen is with her Girls!

Trauma Queen is with her Girls! 3-20-11

Today is election day in Haiti. Jean sent me an email and said don’t come no one is going out on Sunday it is too dangerous. The airport was open so Hadley, Nancy, and I went for it and here we are in Port au Prince. Jay Jaboin was brave enough to meet us at the airport and we made it to our girls. Home at last.

I expected the regular throng of people bombarding us as we exited the airport with our ton of luggage, instead it was a few guys and Jay calling our names. Wow. Then we drove through the narrow streets and there was no traffic. It was incredible. Try to come to Haiti on a day everyone is afraid to go out. It is great!

Our orphanage is located in a large house on a hill over looking the sea, the city, and the mountains. The full moon is now up, the girls sang and said their prayers, calm is settling in on our first day. We purged all the junk and set up our room with air mattresses. Hadley says it feels like a college dorm. I am sitting on our private little balcony with a cool breeze blowing over the lights and sky, it feels great.

My heart has been warmed to the core many times today. Reading the piggy toes book together and playing with their brown and my pink piggy toes. All mommas love their babies piggy toes!

Cramming my chubby 60 year old body into their low lying childrens table to share dinner time. They were so careful and quiet with me there. Wondering and then opening up, then carefully spoonful by spoonful sharing my extra food so all girls got a bite, it was the fishes and loaves all over again.

Reading together the new books we brought. Some from Asha in Creole French, some in English that Fritzchina was reading like a native speaker. We went over Goodnight moon and they learned the words so fast.

They hang on us, I love the feel of their smooth warm skin, holding hands, resting their heads in our laps. They write us love letters.

I know you are not going to believe this but I am sitting on this balcony getting cold. It is a chilly night in Haiti. It is not humid. It is perfect weather. I have to go inside and get under the covers. We met with the Lawyer today who is going to help us make a contract with Ms. Jackson. The kind sweet woman who has offered us land to build a permanant home for the girls (and future boys). Perhaps tomorrow will be the day we meet. Let us hope that she follows through on her promise.

Love to you all. Thank you to everyone who loves and supports our girls. Stay tuned.

Love Lynn, Hadley, Nancy and Jay Jaboin

First picture is of Eddy a houseparent. He voted in the election and they marked his thumb with indelible ink. Second our beautiful girls. Third Hadley, Nancy and Lynn drinking sweet coconut milk out of the coconuts they wacked out of the tree in our yard.