Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hearts Helping Haiti


The planet is spinning and some times I have to hang on for dear life.

In May we went to Haiti as a team of medical volunteers with an additional mission to find our orphanage. Before we left a committee of community members set the date of August 21, 2010 for a fund raiser for these unknown children. Chris from the Nelson Family Vineyards gave his beautiful venue. “Hearts Helping Haiti” was born, an outdoor music festival to feed hungry children in Haiti.

In Port au Prince our interpreter Gregory recommended the Reveil Matinal Orphanage. One month after he watched one of his children die he gave his two daughters to this Adventist orphanage of 20 girls. These are now "our 20 girls".

Lucie is the president who runs the orphanage. She is Haitian and lives in New York. She is deeply thankful that we found them and are organizing our community as a sponsor.

Haiti is corrupt, I am sorry to say this but it is true. To be honest there is a lot of stress at our orphanage. Our task right now is to insure the over all well being of the girls by moving them to a safer place, hiring qualified staff, and supporting their nutrition.

Patti has been making trips Haiti to adopt Gregory’s girls. In July she took Leanna’s sewing machine, sewing notions and fabric to our orphanage. She taught the four oldest girls to sew.

It is going to take a village to support these girls into adulthood. Please join me at our fabulous Outdoor Music Festival on August 21, buy an auction item, make a donation, or just let us know that you support us with your love. This is a chance for your money to go straight to help a hungry child in Haiti.

If you want to join a team to Haiti we are looking for people who love children and want to help feed, teach, play, garden, build, and hug them. Lucie is coming to the benefit, so you can meet her if you are interested. I hope to see you on Aug 21.

Reveil Matinal Orphanage Foundation (rmof.org)
Benefit information: heartshelpinghaiti.org

Love and Thank you Lynn Meadows

PS Trust the Trauma Queen I will return to sending out regular posts, when I have time to breath. Next week a German documentary team is coming to my house to make a film about our famous fire of 2008. Stay tuned for more trauma stories, they never stop.

Pictures: Our girls having their daily meal of white rice and beans. Sewing class with Patti.